The Awards

The HR Appreciation Awards are designed to recognise companies which have done extraordinary work in demonstrating HR best practice in 3 key areas: Compensation & Benefits, Training & Development, and as a Business Partner.

This year, there is also a special award to show appreciation for the special arrangements companies have has to implement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our panel of judges will access and evaluate the applications and issue the awards to well deserved  companies. Among all winners, the company with the highest score in each category will be selected as Grand Winner. The awards will be issued base on an evaluation of the following criteria, each weights 25% towards the total final score:

  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Contribution on Business Performance
  • Benefits to Stakeholders

1) HR Best Practice 

a) Compensation & Benefits

The award recognizes organisations that offer competitive compensation, benefits and rewards schemes. The application should demonstrate its contribution to recruitment, performance, engagement and satisfaction of their employees.

Areas of consideration:

  • Employee work-life balance: flexible working hours, leave benefits
  • Employee health & wellbeing: employees assistance programme, wellbeing classes, comprehensive group insurance coverage
  • Employee caring: physical and mental wellness programme, maternity & paternity leave, kids day

b) Training & Development

This award recognizes organisations that focus on the growth and development of their talents. The application should demonstrate its positive effect on talent attraction and employee branding.

Areas of consideration:

  • Internal & external training opportunities: training courses,  accessibility and frequency
  • Graduate & internship recruitment and development: management trainee scheme, leadership development, job shadowing programme, coaching and guidance 
  • Employee development & continuous learning: clear vision of personal development, on-the-job training, study leave and subsidy

c) Business Partner

This award recognizes organisations that are actively integrating business strategies with people management practices. The application should demonstrate its contribution to the overall organization goals, sustainability and business impact.

Areas of consideration:

  • CSR approach and implementations: CSR programme, volunteering activities
  • Employer branding: branding campaign, workforce diversity and inclusion
  • Employee engagement: onboarding programme, mentoring programme, transformation projects

2) COVID-19 Special Award

The award recognizes organisations that have implemented special initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic as measures to fight the virus together with their employees. This award is split into 3 sub categories based on company size: a) Corporate , b) SME , c) NGO.

Areas of consideration:

Special arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic including

  • Special work arrangements: flexible working hours, work from home arrangement, shorter working hours
  • Employee subsidies and allowances: special allowance for frontline staff, supplying employees with surgical masks and other sanitizing products, lunch allowances, transportation subsidies 

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